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Social Media Management

In today’s digital age, having a social media presence is crucial for businesses of all sizes and industries. Social media provides a direct and immediate line of communication between businesses and their customers, allowing them to build relationships, establish trust, and increase brand awareness.

website design

 A well-designed website can help to establish a brand’s credibility and professionalism, which can be particularly important for small or new businesses. By optimising their website for search engines and incorporating social media and other digital marketing strategies, businesses can drive traffic to their site and increase conversions.

general design services

A strong brand can also help businesses to attract new customers and retain existing ones by creating a positive perception of the business and its offerings. Effective branding can also help businesses to stand out in a crowded market and communicate their message in a clear and memorable way.

About L7 Digital

Helping local businesses succeed.

L7 Digital, based in Swansea, Wales has helped a diverse range of local businesses exceed digitally by improving their online presence through website design, Social Media Management and various other digital services. We understand what makes businesses in Swansea succeed and know how to help them achieve this success.


KW Laser Expert

Kevin Williams came to L7 Digital wanting a website created with the main purpose being to offer accredited Laser and IPL training. While being situated in Swansea, KW Laser Expert has students located internationally. Users can create a student account or purchase a membership for discounts across courses and exclusive content. 

European Airline Solutions

L7 Digital provided European Airline Solutions with a complete website re-design and social media account(s) creation. European Airline Solutions has a diversified offering for clients spanning aviation tooling, parts and ground support equipment. 

Gower Sausage Company

The Gower Sausage Company approached L7 Digital wanting a website setup and created along with social media management for their social media accounts. The Gower Sausage Company has been setup to be part of the growing interest in locally produced, high quality foods. The aim of the company will be to use locally produced meats and product to make some of the finest sausage, not only on Gower, but in the country.

mobile responsive.

The websites we create are made with the intention to be suitable across all devices, primarily mobile phones. With over 50% of all website traffic coming from mobile phone usage, it is essential that your website is suitable for both PC and hand-held devices such as phones & tablets also.

 Likely, most of your website traffic will be coming from links on your social media accounts. It is a fair assumption that a large percentage of your website traffic will be via mobile devices.

More than Just a website.

A website alone will not necessarily provide positive value to your business. How will you get traffic to your website? Once you have traffic how will they navigate your website to reach your end goal? 

 With the websites we make, our priority is always ensuring that the website will convert traffic into paying customers. We achieve this through our use of integrating sales funnels and designing the website with the intention of guiding the user to navigate through the site, leading them to your end goal.

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