As simple as posting on social media seems, almost all of us find ourselves procrastinating posting our content consistently on there. 

We’ll let you in on a few of our secrets on how we stay consistent on our clients and our own social media pages. 

Follow these steps and watch your social media presence take a rise!

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Make it part of your daily to-do list

Make posting on social media as common as brushing your teeth! It sounds simple and that’s because… well, yeah it is as simple as it sounds really make when you are writing out what you need to do for the day, ensure that posting on social media is a priority. 

Remember, your content does NOT need to be  perfect to go viral. Of course you want high quality, engaging content for your account, however you don’t need to spend days creating the “perfect” piece of content that will go viral. You are better off consistently pumping out engaging content, and sooner or later one of your posts will go viral.

Batch produce content

Batch producing content can greatly improve productivity. Take 1 day a week to create 7-14 days worth of content. Instead of rushing to come up with new content ideas daily and then creating engaging designs for those ideas.

Take a Sunday for example, use a Sunday to create 7-14 days worth of content for the following week(s). You can even go as far as creating a months worth of content and then using a content management tool like HootSuite to schedule and automate your posting for the month.

Post at the same time(s)

Make an effort to post at the same time(s) daily so that it becomes a habit of your routine. Monitor the insights of your social media to get the data that shows when your audience is most active, then apply this information to your posting schedule. 

Use the time(s) that your audience is most active to manually post daily or use it when scheduling/ automating your posts like previously mentioned.

Along with posting at the same time daily to create habit. 

-Bonus tip-

If you really want to see a sky rocket in growth then following on from the last (third) tip, you can add on to the habit of posting at the same time there is an additional step you can take to do this. At the same time everyday once you have posted, take 15-30 minutes straight after you have posted to respond to people in the comments, really engaging with your audience.